Last Bus to Basra

Saturday morning, in brilliant autumn sunshine and I should be flying my aircraft. Instead, I’m gazing at a first class ticket for tomorrow morning’s flight to Kuwait, courtesy of the Kuwaiti Government and trying very hard to finish my PowerPoint presentation on eGovernment and security for Monday.

I heard today, that the Dubai Government are showing an interest in Open Source computing or that’s what it says from the man at the sharp-end of their development. It strikes me that the trickle of interest shown by many Governments could soon become a flood, so I’ve put up a conversation ‘Blog-pad’, for anyone who might like to join on the debate.

I might look a little out of place in the first class lounge in my motorcycle gear. In fact, the last time I was there, it was just Tom Jones, his wife, his agent and me and on a long flight to the middle-east, where the flight attendants spent their time taking turns sitting on his knee and having their photos taken. I wasn’t so lucky and had to settle for the hot towels instead.

I have found that the only way to park at Heathrow or even reach it in the rush hour, is with a motorcycle and as long as I can lock my helmet to the bike and hide my overalls and boots, nobody should be any the wiser. Best leave my trademark Harley Davidson t-shirt, jeans and leather flying jacket at home for once and look vaguely respectable.


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