In Kuwait it Must be Tuesday

Another fine day in Kuwait, although I haven't ventured outside the embrace of the air-conditioning yet. After dinner at the Kuwait Towers last night, I noticed one of the latest BMWs parked outside with other shiny toys. Kuwait is in remarkable contrast with what's happening an hour's drive North towards Basra, the best and the worst of worlds. On one side of the border, fresh water is a luxury and on the other, it spouts from elaborate fountains and yet these are the same people with the same natural oil wealth but dividided by a barbed-wire fence and the legacy of a brutal dictator.

The room service waiter has just appeared with afternoon tea and cake. How he knows that I'm working in here is anyone's guess, unless they are monitoring the traffic on my room's broadband connection. Meanwhile, yet another extravagent dinner looms tonight, this time hosted by Microsoft Gulf preceded by a Cuban cigar smoking competition with one of the Ministers. If I eat much more, I'll have to declare myself as excess baggage on the flight back to London


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