Divide and Conquer

Testing my Cisco wireless network with Windows XP. Wonderful, it picks it up first time without any help from me. Now all I need to do is spend my life between hotel lobbies and Starbucks, waving my laptop around like a mobile phone user looking for a lost signal.

To be honest, following the end of The Great Linux Debate at Olympia today, I think that of everyone present, Microsoft came out best. Divide and conquer perhaps but the single mindedness of the company only served to ilustrate the differences between the others on the panel.

In the end, I concluded that the choice of Operating System will be meaningless in a world of Web services and the vendors are inclined to agree. Tomorrow's world is one where nobody cares about the platform but only about the result, rather like television.

Meanwhile, my daughter has decided she wants a pet Skunk for Xmas. I hadn't realised they were indigenous to Wimbledon Common and while they may look cute I'm not sure it's such a good idea. The Hamster is bad enough.


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