The Cure

The cure to my Windows XP problem in yesterday's column doesn't involve buying a Macintosh or switching to Linux. It's kindly supplied by Microsoft, below. Thanks for the help.

Incidentally, I'm chairing the Great Linux Debate at Linux Expo at London's Olympia this week at 14:00 on Wednesday and Thursday. Microsoft will be joining IBM, HP, Sun and others to fight their corner for the first time in recorded history.

Come along, bring a chair but not to sit on but to throw instead. It should be alot of fun as always and don't forget it was Sun Microsystems that the audience awarded a pair of plastic 'comedy breasts' to last year, for the 'worst' Linux story.

If your Windows license suddenly disappears without warning following a Windows Update, then, restart your computer. While the computer is starting, press and hold down the F8 key until the Startup menu appears.

2. Use the arrow keys to choose Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.

3. Copy the Windows\System32\Wpa.bak file to another location.

4. Rename the Wpa.dbl file that is located in the Windows\System32 folder to Wpa.dbl.sav.

5. Rename the Wpa.bak file that is located in the Windows\System32 folder to Wpa.dbl.

6. Restart the computer.


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