And Now, Football

I think I may be the only person in Britain who hasn’t been following the headline story this week, the allegation of rape against players from a famous football club, involving a seventeen year old girl in an equally famous London hotel.

The newspapers and TV are of course bound by the constraints of legislation and are playing a guessing game but everyone, it appears, knows the answer already, especially my hairdresser, who was told by the sports editor of a national newspaper, who the players are and which team is involved.

This rather illustrates the power of the Internet because censorship is no longer effective in an instantly connected world. It’s almost pointless censoring newspapers and national television because anyone determined to look can find their answers on satellite TV stations or the Internet.

At Christmas, the Sunday Times could not reveal its source for a story on a meeting of a high level intelligence committee but punch a few keywords from the report into Google and the answer can be found at which has a library of spookish leaks and documents.

Back to football, a game of two halves and strange haircuts in which I have very little interest. According to my hairdresser, Newcastle football club now have a new sponsor, “Seven-Up” and the girl involved has allegedly sold her story to the Sun.

Enough said.


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