Suddenly Summer - Again!

Off to the dreaded Dreamland amusement park in Margate. I promised my daughter one more visit to the roller-coaster before school starts next week and can't say I'm looking forward to rides such as 'Wild Mouse'; bone jarring and instant death if anything goes wrong.

I'm working on the portal site for the town of Birchington as a hobby of sorts. I guess that not too many people are online and Broadband has yet to put in an appearance but meanwhile, if it's big in Birchington, it's there on Birchington.Com

Finally my belief in coincidence or at least synchronicity was reinforced once again on Tuesday when I spotted my old friend Prof: Jim Norton, stopping outside my house as I was starting my motorbike. There was no other reason one can think of in the history of the universe that our two paths should cross at just that moment, he lives North of London but just happened to be visiting the seaside that day.


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