Once More Unto the Breach Dear Friends - Once More

What a mess. The news web is alive with reports on another critical Microsoft patch and as one might expect, the world doesn't appear to thrilled at the prospect of Blaster #2 appearing because the vulnerability that triggered Blaster #1 wasn't addressed properly.

Trawling through the web, a couple of comments catch my eye. The first:

"I was just wondering what has happened with MS03-034, because Windows 98 was not listed as platform anymore (in the section"Platforms not affected"), only Windows Me. This usually means, that this platform is not supported any longer and no further patches will be provided anymore. I contacted Microsoft and they told me, that this is the case with Windows 98/98 SE:"

The other is:

"Firewalls often provide a mere illusion of protection. They don’t make business systems significantly more secure. And by focusing attention on defending the perimeter, rather than on defending information assets within an organization, firewalls foster lax internal security practices that magnify the damage that insiders can inflict".

A great many people are still using both and although I'm using Windows XP, the patching process is giving me cause for concern. On a dial-up connection, which I have, I would argue that it is physically impossible for me to update and patch my four separate PCs to keep them all up to date. Patching is a problem and I'm not sure what the universal solution may be.


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