It's Nice in Nice

I've been enjoying a meditative moment with a Partagas #4 cigar here in the garden of the Unisys conference centre here in Nice. The Agapanthus may look a little sad but my sense of Deja Vu is alive and well and so is the debate over what constitutes good security practice.

We've heard from Interpol and the NHTCU but the subject of eCrime seems rather a long way away in the present setting of a Mediterranean evening.

Tomorrow, I have to challenge Microsoft's contention that patching is improving. It may be and over the last twelve months, it's certainly improved in leaps and bounds where quality and reliability are concerned. The problem however may not be reliability but regularity if we look back over the last three months. How much does it cost a company to patch its production environment and can the process be improved beyond the 'patch Wednesday' approach that we are now experiencing?

Is there a neat solution to the problem of constant security updates? I'm not so sure.


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