Hemingway Adventure

Monday and I’m showing my age, other than a well documented weakness for Italian women and Cuban cigars, both of which are out of reach for one reason or the other.

I bought a copy of Michael Palin’s book, Hemingway Adventure on the spur of the moment. It was either that or Tom Clancy’s submarine strategy game for the PC, both reduced to under £10.00 and the closet intellectual in me won over the boy adventurer.

Ironically, I din't have the time to concentrate on either, like everyone else I know, I am quite buried under the September workload. Day begins at 07:30 with email and finishes anywhere between eight or 10 ‘O’clock at night. At least I get out to play occasionally at the weekends, attending to my third weakness, flying.

Le Touquet on Saturday could have been the deep south of France in July. The temperature was unseasonable to say the least and the contrast with the opposite side of the channel, also basking in sunshine, was remarkable. Just enough room in the back for a few cigars and bottles of wine and then back home to enjoy the booty.

Just in time from the look of the weather today. Autumn in London arrives suddenly with a dull wet and windy blast. Torrential rain against my window, reminds me that being a motorcyclist in winter isn't a great deal of fun


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