Health Warning

I’ve spent the best part of the afternoon trying to recover my Office XP installation and in particular, Outlook.

Very foolishly, I decided to experiment with the Plaxo contact manager, which is circulating on the Internet and is in all seriousness, a great way of managing and keeping contacts up-to-date, if you ignore the more obvious security implications of allowing Active-X controls to run. Unfortunately, Plaxo decided to completely ‘Stuff’ Outlook and more besides, even after I installed it with due care – I’m using Windows XP by the way – so be warned, it’s a good idea but can seriously damage your system’s health in the right circumstances.

Settling down to watch Michael Wood’s ‘Life of William Shakespeare’ on DVD, I have to ask, does anyone have any DVDs that work properly? Even the video shop manager described DVDs as ‘rubbish’ and so far, half of those I have bought with ‘Crash’ at some point.

Technology is not, I suspect improving our lives as much as it should. We spend much of our time paying for it or trying to fix it when it goes wrong, which is frequently and perhaps one day, we will look back to the mid-eighties with nostalgia, a time between technology epochs, man on the Moon and the arrival of the Internet.


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