The Future of Stuff

It’s true I tell you, the future of stuff has been revealed. It springs from a new theory, which predicts the arrival of the ‘On-demand Enterprise’, and Citrix have discovered it and they told me all about it over lunch today.

I had rather lost track of Citrix over the last two years and had consigned them to a kind of thin-client ‘Metaframe’ pigeonhole of kinds. However, while I have been ignoring them, the company has quietly reinvented itself and if your enterprise server access infrastructure is in danger of becoming unglued, then Citrix may have the answers, whether the problem involves load balancing or security or much more besides.

Is this a good thing? Yes. Can I explain the future of stuff in a sentence? No. It’s a little more complex than that, but Citrix appears to have worked out how to fill some of the more interesting technology gaps that have been worrying me lately.

Anyway, now I understand what an on-demand enterprise is, I can settle back for the evening with a well-deserved cigar. Less than forty-eight hours back in London after working from the seaside all summer, I’m convinced that ‘Downshifting’ is a really good idea and that growing olives in Margate is rather more appealing than wrestling my motorcycle through the traffic in Parliament square.

If anyone hasn’t noticed yet, there’s a chap suspended in a glass box under Tower Bridge. The rent must be astronomical but it’s close to the city. I doubt it will catch on though.


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