Escape to Vence

St Paul de Vence is even more of an impressionist art gallery than it was two years ago. This is obviously the best time to visit. The narrow winding medieval streets of the town aren't so hot and there aren't so many tourists.

This evening the art comes to us with an exhibition of local work in the hotel reception before dinner. Regarded as a cultural Philistine who can't afford 1,500 euros on an oil painting, I can tell you that one of the shops in town does a nice line in printed t-shirts too. Matisse, Picasso, Michael Schumacher, Manchester United, take your pick for only 15 euros.

An example to the rest of us - Unisys' Ray Stanton

Very little to write on technology today. The big news, which I appear to have missed, is the tie-up between Unisys and Dell over the ES7000 'Windows Mainframe'. Dell will now resell this high end SMP Box and as a consequence will be able to offer servers across the entire processing spectrum, right the way up into the enterprise, where Unisys is playing rather well at the moment. The question I have to ask is whether this arrangement might conceivably lead to a position where Dell, one day, takes the ES7000 off Unisys hands, leaving the latter free to become a pure play services company to rival IBM?

I've been musing over this and other Unisys-related thoughts for three years now. The evidence from the conference here in France is that Unisys is determined to become a world class security services company but there is good reason to suggest, that with Windows continuing to mature in the datacenter space, Unisys can leverage its services business from increased corporate interest in its hardware platform; an end-to-end solution provider in other words.

Ultimately, I suspect that Unisys will, in the end, succumb to its sense of destiny and become a services business. Which might not be such a bad idea.

My PC continues to convalesce and I have to type this straight into the Terminal Server client provided in all the rooms. However, the obligatory French bidet has been removed from mine to make space. Using BT's webmail is rather like watching paint dry but hey, what else can you expect from BT, who are sending out messages blaming their mailserver problems on the latest virus.

Ironically and thanks to the Internet I can still order a Hemingway novel from Amazon wherever I happen to be, our small world becoming even smaller thanks to the wonders of TCPIP.


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