Cessna 150 For Sale

I see I'm getting traffic interest from The Hangar website for my pretty little Cessna 'Golf Golf', which I have put up for sale.

I've just spent a small fortune on the engine, a 'Star' annual and other bits and pieces, so it's a great catch for any discerning pilot.

I've decided that I want to go back to a biplane again but not something as lively as the Pitts Special, which almost bit me twice. Something a little more sedate like a Currie Wot perhaps?

Anyway, Golf Golf is on the line at Maypole Farm (EGHB) - Possibly one of the finest and friendliest small airfields in Britain with coffee, Avgas, sandwiches and biscuits for all. (PPR please) and a great alternate for trips across the Channel. Le Touquet and its restaurants being 44 minutes away in my little Cessna 150.


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