Birth – Marriage – Dishwasher – Death

“Make sure you pose before it’s all over”.

I rather liked the FCUK advertisement I saw on the way home this evening, it rather describes the feeling of the times, particularly as I had my first sight of one of the new Porsche Cayenne 4X4s parked in Lots Road, Chelsea as I took my regular short cut past the Harbour Club.

Not so much farther on, I saw two scruffy-looking black teenagers on mountain bikes perched at the corner of Wandsworth Bridge Road. They may have been saving for a Porsche too, because the older looking of the two and I’m guessing eighteen, was clutching the largest roll of banknotes that I have ever seen. He started counting it while his young ‘accomplice’ watched his back. I’m sure you don’t make that kind of money washing cars or even stealing them, so it’s more likely that he was a lawyer or an accountant.

The usual suspects in committee room seven at Westminster, a two-hour discussion on digital identity and authentication. It’s funny that this subject of identity and privacy has been under discussion for so long now and I made the point that we are unlikely to see it resolved in the life of this government. Ironically, the civil servants present tended to agree, privately at least.

Staying with cars, my ideal model is shown below. We had one when I was eight and it's the nearest I'll ever get to flying a real Messerschmidt.


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