Addicted to Love

So, Robert Palmer has gone to that great jazz club in the sky. A tragic loss of an eighties icon of great style.

Palmer defined a ‘Musical Moment’ of the mid-eighties with ‘Addicted to Love’ and ‘I Never Meant to Turn You On’ and it’s a tribute to his impact that many people can remember where they where the first time they saw the video with Palmer, accompanied by some rather stylish ladies in black.

We seem to have arrived at that period where artists of the eighties reach their early fifties and either shuffle-off to perform forever in another and better place or carry-on until their faces can be lifted no more. It’s the worst possible form of mid-life crisis, dying that is and is best avoided until at least one’s sixty-fifth birthday, the government’s preferred option for the rest of us.

An unusual day that started with a talk I gave at The Savoy over breakfast on trust in the software industry. It’s hard to sparkle at 7:30 in the morning but I did take away with me an interesting piece of intelligence. Apparently, IBM is beavering away on OS/2 all over again. In the light of all the recent security problems faced by the industry, it’s not Linux or even Windows that may have the solution. It could be OS/2…!

I need to write a column on this, because you may remember that Windows NT first sprang out of OS/2 - Dave Cutter and all that - so maybe IBM plans to develop a secure environment that it can offer to its corporate customers. OS/2, Lotus Domina and all that. Just goes to show that IBM, like the Terminator, just isn’t going to forgive Microsoft for Windows.



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