What a Blast

I was determined not to write about Blaster today, as everyone else is but amid the hype, I think we need to add a little perspective. The worm is around because Microsoft added new functionality to Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003. Unfortunately, we seem to have reached that point in our digital journey where if Microsoft adds something new, useful even, then someone is going to try damn hard to break it.

The alternative leaves us back in the Stone Age. No Internet, no rich connectivity and of course no opportunities for hackers and virus writers. Surely there must be a compromise between security and functionality that makes innovation possible in a Microsoft world or is this simply wishful thinking on my part?

My grateful thanks goes to those very nice people at Hewlett Packard today. Christmas has arrived early in the shape of a rather nice laptop, which originally was to stand-in for my sick Omni book while it was repaired. However, to save me the trouble, HP have told me to keep the loan machine with their compliments, so I’m counting my blessings, even if I do hate the touch pad mouse. I have to say that one benefit of the marriage between HP and Compaq was the improvement in the laptop range. It’s not quite an iBook but the screen quality is pretty damned close and it runs Windows too.

Thanks HP.


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