The Sea Like Glass

I had written rather more yesterday but Word decided to go ‘flaky’ on me and destroyed the file without any chance of recovery. On top of that, Windows XP is looking decidedly wobbly again and although I have run Norton’s system utilities, I receiving a sense of déjà vu, as this is rather like the pattern which led to a catastrophic system crash in January.

A word to the wise and forgive the pun. Windows XP is a great Operating System but it’s also one which may not be as crash proof as we might be led to believe. So make sure that you are fully backed-up on a regular basis, just in case.

Yesterday, before the crash, I was writing about my odd kayak experience in the evening. The sea was flat calm in the early evening and as I paddled between the two bays, I caught sight of a dark blob beyond the seagull line. At first I thought it might be a seal but as I paddled closer, I could see it was human, a man in fact with a rudimentary swimming style.

Are you OK” I asked when I got close enough. “It’s so quiet and peaceful here”, he replied in a thick Balkans accent.

Assuming he was alright, I paddled on wondering why he was wearing his clothes and shoes but being English, I was too polite to ask.

If he was a refugee then he must have swum from Clacton, over the horizon, which is unlikely. Alternatively, he could have been a foreign student but in this day and age it’s hard to tell which is which anymore here at the very tip of Kent.


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