The Reality of Outsourcing

Let me share a letter from one of my readers, shown below. But before I do, here's a suggestion. As a nation, let's start outsourcing The Inland Revenue to somewhere like India or Mexico, it may make them more efficient and accountable. We could then follow a successful pilot with all the large central government departments and finally, the politicians. Would you agree?

Dear Simon

I'm 46 so I guess I may as well turn up my toes now. God knows what my kids are going to do when they leave school. I certainly can't advise them to go into engineering or software.

As I pointed out in an opinion piece, it's not just "highly paid IT workers" who need to watch out, Everyone who does not work in a customer facing job - just sitting in an office, interacting with a computer - is at risk. My wife has just got a job as in an office. Her salary barely covers our council tax and the supermarket bill (so there go our extra UB's), but the bosses there are considering exporting her job to India to save money.

As for the "gurus" who tell us we have to move up the value chain - just how do 60,000 unemployed developers, IT support staff etc move up the chain? Are we all going to sell the services of Cognizant to each other? It's like the old joke about the shipwrecked antique salesmen - they made a living.

I saw my cousins wife in town the other day - she hadn't heard about my redundancy. I explained about the exporting - "oh that's what John is doing

- he's remotely managing a team in Mumbai"

Kind of brings it home.

Name withheld


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