Life on Earth

Following in the wake of Slammer, Blaster and Sobig, I’m looking for potential public sector case study subjects with a strong Windows security theme. So if you think you fit the bill, don’t mind the publicity and have a good story to tell, do let me know.

Outside, it’s raining, which is a bit of a surprise after weeks of summer drought, which had left my garden looking like the Kalahari. The first signs of the end of a remarkable summer, which started with rain and appears to be ending the same way.

I motorcycled back down to the coast from London, late last night having first attended my Iaido class in Wandsworth. The planet Mars, at its closest point to the earth for sixty thousand years, hung in the eastern sky like an aircraft on finals to Heathrow. I thought it was at first but it soon became obvious that the distinctly red blob above me wasn’t moving. I watched it all the way down to Kent, wishing I had a pair of binoculars to hand and of course, Murphy’s Law dictated that the clouds would hide it as soon as I arrived home.

Some men never grow up and I developed a distinct attraction for the BMW mountain bike I saw in the Park Lane BMW showroom yesterday. I only dropped-in, on the way back from a meeting, to see if my 1150 GS motorcycle was still under warranty for some corrosion on the front forks but the showroom full of expensive toys was almost too much for me. I’ve grown to like the BMW brand, from a quality perspective but unfortunately, as everyone else has too, it’s driven the prices to unrealistic levels, after all £2,500 for a mountain bike, nicely designed but possibly not as good as my Proflex, which took me across the deserts of the middle east a few years ago.


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