It Must be Monday

I notice that this weblog is doing funny things today. Either a glitch in the system or a glitch in my browser. The Guardian Unlimited appears to have lost its weblinks, so I'm losing traffic to the site.

I've been busy trying to catch up with a research project and I'm resting from Computer Weekly for a week, which may explain how thin this blog is at the moment. Lots of good intentions but too little time and to be honest, it's too hot.

A BBC News team traveled all the way from television centre to my house in Kent today to do a short interview. Surely it can't have been worth three hours of heat hell on the M25. We decided to shoot the interview just above the beach and I was amazed at how many people wandered up to interrupt and ask what we were filming. One boy in particular will go down in history for his antics. He decided to race his scooter around us, jumping it every few feet before parking-up beside us and banging it against some steel railings.

"Would you mind not doing that" asked the cameraman.

"What you doing then" asked the delinquent child. "ITV News"?

"No BBC News"

"Can I be on"?

"Only if you go away"

This went on for a while until he eventually lost hope and left, little knowing that he was very close to being the evening's top story, being filmed, buried up to his neck in sand in front of the advancing tide.

Whether the BBC has anything worth filming is another question. It was really about confidence in Internet security. Is there such a thing?


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