In the Black

I found out today why I couldn’t get any emails to my accountant without having them returned as ‘Blacklisted’ by Spamcop. Apparently, he was one of those who fell victim to Spammers using his broadband connection as an ‘Open Relay’.

It’s a good example of what I’ve been droning on about for months now, much to the disgust of government and others. If you are using Broadband, then for God’s sake buy some good firewall software at the very least or you too might find yourself taken ‘Off the air’ by your ISP without really knowing why.

This is of course a big problem if you happen to have your company name ‘blacklisted’. All of a sudden, you become an Internet pariah through no real fault of your own other than naivety. No email can mean no business and it can take a rather long time to change your company name and inform all your contacts of a change in email address. So be careful, technology and the Internet is far from a safe place for most of us.

Meanwhile, most of my email is going to my junk mail folder despite the best efforts of Microsoft support to work out why. It's one of life's great mysteries apparently, like toast always falling buttered-side down and my personal tax code.


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