Too warm to work and I have to drive back to London this evening. Can't say I'm looking forward to it.

It's August and that time when the EU decide to throw the book at Microsoft. This happens every year at around the same time but on this occasion, the book is getting uncomfortably close and a judgment appears to be 'almost' imminent.

Whether this will be in the interest of the consumer, the politicians or business is hard to say but in my view, there's a political dimension to the story at a difficult time between Europe and America and Microsoft is a large target and a company which hasn't managed to demonstrate truly European credentials, unlike Hewlett Packard or IBM.

I can understand the Commission's argument but I don't feel that it has a solution available other than sanctions that might do more harm than good but it's too hot to think clearly, so I'll revisit the matter at some other time.


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