Gone Quiet

Thanks to Hewlett Packard, who have shipped me a loan ZE4300 laptop, I'm mobile again. It's much nicer than my Omnibook 500 with the deceased screen and at some point I'm going to have to surrender the latter for them to fix it. Meanwhile, it's taking time to mirror the data and applications on one over to the other.

Almost had my hair parted by the Coastguard aircraft yesterday, as I sat offshore in my kayak. I swear I had to duck, he was so low and I didn't hear him coming until the last moment. Showing off I guess.

I'm increasingly pondering the potential benefits of moving another thirty miles south to France. Such a short distance of water seems to make it a long way but there seems to be no business objection to moving to "The other side". After all, you can't tell where I'm working now, it's certainly not an office in the conventional sense and it's faster into London from the French coast by train than it is from most of Britain.

Wonder if I'll ever do it though, it's a big step.


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