Free Milo

Today, I received an email from ‘admin’ at my own domain, with the message:

“Hello there,

I would like to inform you about important information regarding your email address. This email address will be expiring. Please read attachment for details”.

Fortunately, Norton Anti-virus picked-up the attachment and quarantined it on the way in, not that I would have opened anyway but someone had gone to the trouble of spoofing my ArabGov.Com domain with the aim of infecting my system with a particularly nasty virus.

I would of course like to meet the person responsible on a dark night and one has to wonder why they do this but then I see the war memorial on the sea front defaced with graffiti and it’s really no different in principle to the virus problem; the rebellious and destructive urge in adolescent and immature males. It’s all about testosterone and boredom where free expression, like Blogs, has run riot in too many different forms.

My daughter has just pointed-out to me that Milo, her friend the Shetland pony foal, one of thirty-four she helps look after at a stud farm in Hoath, is up for sale at £120.

With irresistible eight-year old logic, she has calculated that our garden is large enough to feed him, for a couple of days at least. Either that or smuggle him out in a sack while nobody is looking. Meanwhile, I’m arguing that he’s too large to fit in the car and the price of hay is fixed to the rising euro.

It’s a losing battle and I’m running out of excuses. I'm in the middle of a 'Free Milo' campaign that is about to make my life a misery.

Microsoft ‘Milo’ ™ - it has a certain ring to it. - I wonder?


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