Comet PLC - A Lifetime Award for Bad Service

I want to make a special award today. It’s for customer service of the worst kind and it goes to electrical retailers, Comet.

I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say that they are “Experiencing higher call volumes than usual” to their customer service and complaints line – too damn right – and that my local branch, Comet in Margate, will not answer the telephone and are forcing the main customer service centre to fax them demanding an urgent response to my call. Fat chance two and half hours later!

All in all, I have tried Comet’s head office to complain three times and been fobbed-off back to the same customer service number which takes an average of ten minutes to deal with a call. In total, I have spent over an hour on the phone, trying to pursue a simple problem, the consequence of a salesman’s false promises, which leaves me with an oven that doesn’t work and an old oven which the delivery team haven’t taken away, as arranged:

“Not my job mate, you need to arrange it with sales”.
“I have”
“Nuffin about it in my paperwork – give them a call”.

So Comet, you are without doubt, the worst company I have ever encountered for quality of customer service. It occurs to me that your salesman might promise anything in order to make a sale and once the product is out of the door, your company hides behind the most useless voice-recorded customer service operation on the face of the earth – allegedly – and that your local retail outlet appears completely incapable of answering the telephone.

So a word to the wise if you are looking for a Comet experience - Don't..!

Comet, where the customer comes last.


As nobody ever called back, I finally drove to Comet and asked for the Manager. He was unavailable (Hiding I suppose) and so a young assistant took the force of my complaint. "Why don't you answer the phone" I asked. "We try to", he said.

"Well your'e not, because your head office has had to fax you", I replied.

He turned around to the fax machine on the shelf behind him and on top, you guessed, was a fax, telling Comet Margate to call me urgently.

"Explain that", I said. He couldn't and fled.

Eventually he returned but to tell me that he couldn't comment on what one of their salespeople may or my not have said or even promised and they never arrange for installations anyway.

It was a lost cause. The absolute uselessness of the company exceeds the imagination and it seems they don't really care either. My word against theirs and they have a voice automated answering system. No chance of complaining then, other than using my space on the Web.


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