The Last Refuge of the Scoundrel

I'm seriously thinking of a future in politics. It's twenty years since my last involvement and I've expressed my interest with the right people so we'll see, as these things happen slowly and it's too late, I'm told, to consider next year's European parliamentary elections. Maybe 2008.

The subject reminds me of the words of Sir Thomas More, one great English Chancellor to remember as we wave goodbye to the role under this government. More wrote in 'Utopia'. "The Duty of Intellectuals is to make a difference to put their learnings in the service of the state and to strive to make a difference".

But then I wonder if having principles has a place in politics these days. I suggest reading 'Cicero on Politics' for anyone who needs reminding that while centuries pass, human behaviour changes very little.

On a final note, I recommend Samuel Huntingdon's 'Clash of Civilizations' as my book of the week. It addresses the remaking of the world order Henry Kissinger describes it as "one of the most important books to have emerged since the end of the cold war".


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