Got to Rush

Maybe I should write a book with the title, ‘Zen and The Art of Writing Case Studies”?

I find writing these much harder than writing my usual columns, perhaps because it involves the packaging a mixture of facts and hyperbole, rather than reaching inside the imagination for spontaneous prose, much like a first brush-stroke on an empty canvass.

Anyway, no time to write this evening. I have been invited to meet the Iranian President's 'Special Envoy, His Excellency, N. Jahangard, the telecoms Minister, at his hotel in London and I have sixty minutes to get there. Ironically, nobody from the British government seems keen to acknowledge this unofficial visit, which is strange, as you might think that relations with Iran were on a polite if not friendlier footing since Jack Straw’s visit. But I know too much, which I can’t possibly reveal and I assume I’m being bugged anyway, if not by GCHQ then by Uncle Sam, who must wonder why I’m getting calls from Tehran. Let me assure the Pentagon and anyone else listening that it’s all perfectly innocent and that the Iranians are here to find out more about eGovernment. Trouble is that it’s our ‘e’ and we don’t seem too inclined to share any of it with them at the moment.


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