See the World in Green and Blue

I arbritrarily moved my little office to the opposite side of the English Channel to coincide with lunch today. In fact, arriving at Le Touquet it was hard to tell whether this was the Cote D'Opale or The Cote D'Azur, it was hot enough for both and even customs were having an afternoon nap.

Monday is a quiet day in Le Touquet and the best time to come for lunch. In fact, it's even possible to get a word in edgeways on the radio. Mind you, on the ground, a wireless modem connection seems to work equally well in a French restaurant as it does in here on the North Kent coast. I even managed to catch a telephone call from Tehran, so location is a 'non sequitur' where mobile connectivity is concerned these days.

The contrast between the opposite sides of the channel is remarkable. Two different worlds forty-five minutes apart by air. No wonder the French say "Vive La Difference". You can hardly blame them.

Maybe next time I'll go looking for an old friend in San Remo. I need a bigger bird though!


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