I haven't seen a ferret yet but I'm looking.

I'm in North Yorkshire to write a case study and the couple sitting across from me on the train yesterday, assured me that there's no shortage of wildlife, here on the edge of the moors. On the local news, there's a story that a six-foot python has escaped from its owner and is heading this way. The python reportedly hasn't eaten in eighteen days, which perhaps explains why I haven't seen any ferrets or even small children since I've been here. I hadn't realised that pythons were an indigenous species, so one learns something new every day.

Kings Cross station yesterday, was a zoo and I'm wondering if my motorcycle, which was parked outside, will be there when I get back. There's a Dickensian underworld feel to the area around the station but in contrast with Fagin and the Artful Dodger, the modern Kings Cross "community" have rather less literary appeal.

I rarely travel on trains if I can avoid it, cost and comfort being two reasons, survivability and delays being two more. This was the first time that I have experienced cramp in a train seat with absolutely no legroom whatsoever. How the train companies can justify cramming people into such tiny and restricted seats at such an exorbitant price beggars belief. However, they do and as usual, they can't even guarantee the trains running on time, an eighteen minute delay on this trip.

The Yorkshire dales are a beautiful part of the world and it's a pity it's such a struggle to get here. One of my colleagues took six hours to drive here from London yesterday, two hours of which were spent crossing eighteen miles of motorway traffic jam. The train is a little more reliable but prohibitively expensive; after all, it's cheaper to fly to a European resort for the weekend, all of which means that we don't explore our national beauty spots because the cost and difficulty of transport in this country keeps us at home or send us abroad instead.

Still no sign of any ferrets but there's a theory that the spread of indian restuarants and not pythons into the region may be a contributing factor


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