Can You Feel The Force?

I’ve just subscribed to eCademy in the hope of becoming a ‘Power Networker’. A year ago I wrote a couple of tongue in cheek columns about Internet dating agencies and now I’ve found something almost as fascinating but which I don’t have to hide from my wife.

According to the message on its Website, “Ecademy's cause is "to build the world's largest Trusted Business Network by connecting people to each other - enabling knowledge, contacts and opportunities to be shared for World Wide Wealth."

What I find fascinating about the eCademy site is that it has moved the principle behind on-line dating into a business dimension. This allows a subscriber to create a network of like-minded vertical contacts, so instead of tall, blonde, single white female, you can have its engine go looking for people much like you among its 20,000 subscribers and then swap emails, create Blogs and lots of other powerful stuff besides. So go have a look, it’s free for the basic service but like any good dating agency, like Udate.Com, ‘Power Networking’ has a cost attached to it.

eCademy was started by Thomas Power who I knew in an earlier incarnation with Amstrad in the eighties. I vaguely recall once discussing the secret Masonic lodge ‘P2’ with him – The Roberto Calvi scandal - and the principle of ‘Uomini di Fiducia’, ‘men of honour’ and their clandestine business network. I wonder if that Masonic principle stayed in the back of his mind.


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