Where There's a Will

A Bank holiday Friday and a wet one. A Trustworthy Computing lunch at 1, Aldwych with Microsoft and an afternoon meeting at the RSA. I was planning to run for the coast this evening but I might wait to see if the weather changes. It can only get better.

Sunday is airshow day at RAF Abingdon near Oxford and I’m lucky enough to have a landing slot at 10:00. Looking at the long term forecast, any attempt to fly there may prove a little optimistic but there’s always hope.

Sitting on the train reading my book, ‘Southern Mail/Night Flight’ by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, I noticed that an attractive woman opposite was reading ‘How to Avoid being Dumped’, a title I have never heard of before and one that expresses more about its owner than she might wish others to see

Given that my own novel, rather like the English Patient, tells the story of a doomed relationship, it struck me as sad to think that for this woman, the secret of a long and happy love affair, might only be found between the pages of a paperback, studied on a shuddering District Line train instead of between the sheets, somewhere a little more romantic than Earls Court station in the rain.


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