Target of Opportunity

A nice compliment from David Fletcher on his Weblog today, pointing at my 'Special Report on Trustworthy Computing', which you can download from the sidebar as a PDF file. I have just updated this to version 6.5 to reflect some recent security issues and stories.

Just as places in the Middle East start going 'Bang' again, I'm off to Bahrain on Friday to deliver a speech on eGovernment in the region. "I might as well be wearing a luminous balaclava in no-man's land", to quote from 'Blackadder Goes Forth' and my visit represents Al Qaeda's big chance to do Downing St a service, in a kind of "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest" way.

I have an old German World War One steel helmet with a spike on top, which I plan to wear during the presentation as a safety precaution against low-flying suicide bombers.


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