Rules of Engagement

After watching ‘The Killing Zone’ a documentary on the violence in Gaza, last night on Channel 4 television, my wife and I were left sitting at the end with a sense of outrage at the behaviour of an Israeli army, which video footage illustrates, is clearly targeting civilians, journalists, peace protestors and even children.

The terrible suicide bombings in Israel, condemned by all civilized people, are a symptom of a greater crime being perpetrated on the Palestinian people and we see very little of this in the West, where in the Arab world, the cost in lives and bulldozed homes is regularly presented in every grim and distressing detail.

It seems clear that the Israeli army has nothing which we would recognise as ‘Rules of Engagement’ in a civilian area and the constant stories of innocents being murdered by military action in Gaza and elsewhere echoes the agony we witnessed in the Balkans.

I have travelled through Israel extensively in the past and once even met the Mayor of Jerusalem. Today, I would say that the Holocaust Memorial should be moved to another country, more worthy of its memory, because the children of that holocaust, the army of the State of Israel, is behaving in a manner that dishonours their own history, at a time when innocent Arab children are shot at in their homes and classrooms in a manner which only stimulates greater excess, as this Biblical feud continues, an eye for an eye at a time.


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