One of Those Days

I'm having 'One of Those Days'.

It wasn't going too badly, lunch with the people over at Unisys, until I arrived home with a new printer cartridge.

My HP OfficeJet V45 then decided it would rather not recognise its black ink cartridge and finding help from HP, after having gone through the pages of the manual and the Hewlett Packard support Website, has now become one of the 'Labours of Hercules'. Twenty minutes hanging on the phone to their technical support line and I have given up. Even Sky Television is better than that.

I've used my journalistic privilege and called their Press Centre to complain. After all, think how impossible this must be for the average customer, who can't call up and threaten a PR broadside such as this. Hewlett Packard have promised to see what's up with their support line and call me back. We'll see! - (It's now 20:55 told you so!)

Meanwhile, I had the idea that perhaps we should copy the deck of cards idea from the American forces in Iraq and create one which instead lists the top 52 security vulnerabilities in IT today.It might be a good education tool. If I have a moment, which is unlikely before 2004, I might sit down and attempt it but in the meantime I have uploaded the entire set of Iraq's most wanted to the Website for you to download as a PDF and print off at will. Just give them to a print shop for your own pack if you feel so inclined. Just follow the link above and enjoy!


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