Love in the Time of Bicycles

I solved my Hewlett Packard printer problem, without the help of their support line, - who had not called me back - , regardless of the efforts made on my behalf by their press centre.

It seems that if you own an OfficeJet V45 printer and it refuses to recognise it’s ink cartridge with the error message ‘Incorrect Cartridge’, don’t despair, go and buy another and it should work. If that one doesn’t work, don’t give up. Buy another one still and with luck, that will work fine. I should add, you won’t find this important information on the Hewlett Packard Web site or in the Printer manual.

There are of course more interesting things in life than solving printer problems, really there are. Unfortunately, most of us become so bogged-down by IT that we lose touch with the real world, which has existed quite happily without printers and PCs for around a billion years or so, without looking at my watch.

I can suddenly remember the 'Summer of 76', when the heat wave started in April and I took the schoolchildren I was teaching, swimming in the sea every afternoon. It was the year that ‘Jaws’ was released in the cinemas and everyone was reluctant to set foot in the water, including me, just in case.

Funnily enough, eight years ago, I taught a mixed-gas diving course in Malta in the same small unpronouncable bay, where the world’s largest White Shark had been caught by a single fisherman in a rowing boat, shorter than the shark itself, which was well over 10 metres in length.

Apparently, there are still white Sharks lurking off Malta but not many since the fish supplies were decimated by over fishing. One of my students, from the coastguard helicopter crew told me that they see the sharks from time to time in the water but they are told never to report them as sharks, just big fish. Scares off the tourists you see.

Where was I? Ah yes, the world before IT. I’m glad I’m old enough to remember what it was like not to worry about mobile phone calls and emails, when time was there to be enjoyed, instead of being a vacuum to be filled by digital interruptions.


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