I just managed to have the last word on the 'Littlejohn' programme on Sky News, which came as a surprise. The programme was investigating whether Saudi Arabia is a friend or an enemy of the West, through it's alleged support of Al Qaeda and the evangelical spread of its orthodox Wahabi Islam.

We need to point out, I said, that there are many thousands of moderate Saudis but entrenched fundamentalism is a problem that has no immediate solution.

It is rather like judging the entire population of Britain against the religious extremism found in parts of Northern Ireland.

The next step for the Saudi Government should be the release of British citizens being held in Saudi prisons on what are clearly fabricated charges which have involved allegations of torture.

Now would be a good time for the Saudi Government to make a truly Islamic gesture to the British people, given that the Littlejohn programme's poll, shows that 84% of Britons believe that Saudi Arabia is an enemy and not a friend.


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