Intelligent Viewing

News that as many as 20,000 people have had their brains removed without consent, only reinforces my theory that the BBC have been conducting an experiment with their programming to determine whether the presence or absence of a cerebrum made any difference to a viewers appreciation of East Enders or its News programmes.

It appears not and in fact, the study supports the view that watching such programmes, especially those involving any form of political content, is preferable without a brain as this appears to interfere with the BBC's messages; the BNP is a protest vote and has nothing do do with racism, Clare Short is part of a "tiny minority" (Sky News says "growing force"), people like devolved government and local assemblies (no they don't) and the Conservatives did badly in this month's local elections (the worst Labour defeat since 1983)

Oh and Tony is not 'Presidential' at all, he leads by consensus. - Sure he does!


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