Dulce et Decorum Est

Just a reflection of today's news and the suicide bombing in Israel and another attempt to wreck any hope of a middle eastern peace process.

In my own mind, anybody can have a passport which says 'British Citizen' on it but we appear to be the only nation on God's earth that allows our nationality to be used and abused as a flag of convenience for those who despise our culture, our traditions and our freedom of expression and religion.

"I'll have a bag of crisps, and a British passport please and oh yes, a couple of sticks of dynamite, some wire and one of those digital clocks please".

"Certainly sir I take it that you are a bona fide asylum seeker, refugee, immigrant or other party and are entitled to a free passport and indefinite residency until such a time as you might choose to explode"?

Silly isn't it but I would prefer to be proud of my country, like the French or the Americans or the Australians or anyone else, rather than be embarrassed by the mess our simple open-minded liberalism and sense of fairness has thrust us into.

I sound like some retired Colonel from deepest Basingstoke but at he same time, I don't know of anyone in my circle of friends who doesn't feel equally depressed by what is so very obviously happening to our society.


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