Do Not Disturb

I’m exhausted and more than ready to collapse into unconsciousness.

It has been a long day. I was up early to fly to the Abingdon Air Show in time for my 10 O’clock landing slot. I had been worried about the weather but the arrival of blue skies and bright sunshine surprised me. The wind was rather more than I would have liked and at Abingdon it was blowing a gusty 20 - 25 knots, so much in fact, that simply sitting in my parked aircraft was enough to make one feel seasick.

My old friend, Denny Dobson, ‘wowed’ the crowds with his Extra 300. Without a doubt, he’s one of the best professional aerobatic pilots in Europe and what he can do in the sky with an aircraft strapped to his body defies the imagination sometimes.

It was while I was at Abingdon that the BBC called me and asked if I was available for an interview on ‘Breakfast’ at eight O’clock tomorrow morning. The subject is ‘Spam’ and how much of a social curse it has become.

Happy to oblige, as the 8:00 news has one of the biggest audiences in the land. The only problem of course, is my being based at my house in Kent over the holiday weekend, which explains, why I’m now back in London and ready to fall into bed without any encouragement.

The flight back from Abingdon this afternoon was bumpy at two thousand feet under Heathrow’s airspace and took rather longer than I expected. Listening to London Information, one could hear other pilots getting lost, a typical Bank Holiday weekend, as the controller implied. The sky is no different to the roads. When the Sun is out and it’s a public holiday, then the idiots are out in force, in boats, in cars and of course, in aircraft.

A one hour twenty minute flight back to Kent, followed by another hour an a half on my motorcycle back into London, which leaves me here, picking up any late Sunday email and preparing to shut down for the night.

I hope everyone else has better things to do on a Sunday evening than tap away on their PC.

Have a good holiday weekend everyone.


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