Class Struggle - It's Not Cricket

Between reading the Sunday papers and watching a documentary on Mao Tse Tung, I was struck by small parallels between Mao’s own Cultural Revolution and New Labours own efforts to eliminate the middle classes and their values in Britain.

In China, Mao had the Red Guard to denounce his opponents as ‘Cow Devils’ and ‘Bourgeois Running Dogs’ but we live in gentler times, we have the BBC and unlimited apathy to depend upon. At least however, nobody has taken to eating their landlords, although such measures might spur the worst of the left-wing inner city councils to even greater achievements.

And what are these middle class values that so threaten the progress of this one party state? I suppose they involve making sacrifices, so that your child can have a decent education, of putting money aside for your pension and their future and worst of all paying huge sums (plus insurance tax) for medical insurance, because you worry that your family won’t receive the best possible care if you risk sending them to your local hospital, the cost of which chews lumps out of your salary each month.

The middle classes are certainly doomed. After all, as Tony has pronounced that , we’re all middle class like him but he can afford to be, as can his friends on huge index-linked pensions.

And when you’ve achieved the lowest common denominator society that you dream of Mr Blair, then what? If the Cultural Revolution and the Killing Fields of Cambodia failed Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot what makes you think that tomorrow’s Britain will become a classless meritocracy where everyone achieves 5 A’ Levels and an Honours Degree?

The trouble is that life is stranger than fiction and reading the Sunday papers only illustrates that we are living in the middle of a political farce in a world where hijacking is OK, as long as you feel oppressed, burglary is a misdemeanour and failing to pay a BBC license fee carries a £1000 fine.

Welcome to Britain in 2003.


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