Bread & Circuses

"The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth" - John F. Kennedy

I study eGovernment, not education (anymore) or even economics (thankfully) but can anyone explain to me why, when we have the lowest unemployment and highest (indirect) taxation in our history, we can't afford to maintain our schools, pay our teachers or even manage to have the trains running on time?

Instead, our President has decided that the country should spend a cool 17 million or so in an attempt to encourage (even bribe - allegedly) the IOC to park the 2012 Olympics in London rather than anywhere warmer, friendlier and with no congestion charge.

The small change from even a failed Olympic bid would achieve rather more in our schools than a few short weeks of athleticism in East London.

Living proof perhaps that the lunatics are now running the asylum which is perhaps why even the lunatic fringe has chosen to resign and sit on the back benches.

Bring back the 'seventies' because at least when I left school, education was free, the trains ran like clockwork and what you chose to study at university was a matter of preference, yours and not the education Minister's.


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