The Thomas Crown Affair

I've been watching the Thomas Crown Affair, the best version with Steve McQueen in the lead role. It set me thinking back to Boston a very long time ago.

The strangest thing this week is that an old friend from university in Maine appears to have stumbled across this Web Journal and left me a message. If it's the same person I remember, then it's more evidence of a pattern of coincidence, a synchronicity that appears to follow me through life and which I can't explain without thinking in terms of 'The Twilight Zone'.

I wonder how many other people experience strange coincidences that appear to defy the odds? One of the most notable, involved taking the wrong direction on a London Street and being stopped and asked for directions by a lost Japanese tourist, Yukito Hashimoto, who also happened to have lived with my family for a while when we were both boys.

Both of us temporarily lost in the same narrow space on the planet and Yukito visiting London from Tokyo for the first time in fifteen years. Of course the first passer-by he stops happens to be me. I wonder what the mathematical odds of such an encounter might be? Pretty close, I suspect to those of bumping into an old flame on a roundabout near Dorking and a roundabout near Wimbledon and even Putney High Street I suspect but that's another story.

I've plenty more bizarre examples like this, hence my paranoia over coincidence. There's no such thing in my book.


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