Security or Obscurity?

Monday morning and I'm annoyed to say the least. Qualys, the Enterprise Security company that on Friday, I told you had agreed to sponsor my 'Trustworthy Computing' report for the European InfoSecurity Show, have decided that they would now prefer to pass on the opportunity. With a verbal confirmation only and nothing in writing, this leaves me thinking of a twist on that classic 'Sir Humphrey Appleby' expression from the 'Yes Minister' series on TV, "I know them but I can't recommend them."

So while the Web spider and the its search engines might associate Qualys with my report, I can assure you that they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Every cloud however has a silver lining, even if this one doesn't and you should be able to download the entire report, entitled, 'A Matter of Trust' from here.

NB. Since the report went-up on the FTP site there have been 500 downloads in the last hour so if you are having problems, it will be available via the much larger 'Pipe' from tomorrow morning for the rest of the week and after that in the Computer Weekly archive.


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