Fluffi Bunni goes Jihad

The mainstream media always manages to miss the really important news stories of the day. Forget Beckham’s imaginary transfer to AC Milan or even the stumbling Northern Ireland peace process. No the big news of the day was of course the arrest of ‘Fluffi Bunni’ at the Infosec Show in London and the ongoing attempt of ‘Comical Ali’, Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Sahaf, to surrender to a US Army that doesn’t want him.

While super-hacker, Lynn Htun, AKA the leader of the group known as 'Fluffi Bunni' can look forward to a spell at her Her Majesty's pleasure, Mohammed Sahaf, who apparently hasn't shot himself, must be disappointed that his face doesn't appear on that best selling pack of playing cards,sales of which look set to fund much of the Pentagon's Iraqi war effort.

The US Military borrowed the idea of merchandising from Disney you know. First have a war, preferably involving weapons of mass destruction and then follow it quickly with the film, 'Private Jessica", the playing cards etc as quickly as possible to pay for it all.

Sahaf, if he can find his way out of Baghdad is already strongly tipped for the role of Microsoft Chief Information Officer, according to one source, promoting the message:

"We are secure now. We have always been secure! Praise Allah!"

I think I'll beat a convenient retreat at this point, as I might have inadvertently triggered the idea, with the picture below, in this column two weeks ago.


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