A Bad Case of Wind

Easter Monday and the previous day’s gale has settled into a strong westerly wind. This wasn’t enough to keep me on the ground this morning, as it’s blowing right down the grass runway at Maypole Farm.

The scattered lumps of thick wet cloud were a little ‘iffy’ and there’s no horizon today. Conditions weren’t too bad over the North Kent Coast, so I climbed above it and went to have a look at Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppey at low tide, before following the offshore sandbars back along past Reculvers – where the ‘Dambusters first tested Barnes Wallis bouncing bomb concept - towards Margate before turning back into the circuit at Maypole. After a bumpy approach, the wind was strong enough to bring the aircraft to a stop in a few feet of touching down.

This week’s weather is so markedly different from that of last week, one might think it was a different country and latitude altogether. A typical British Bank Holiday weekend.


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