All Warfare is Based on Deception

I think I have just witnessed one of the great moments of recorded history.

On the one hand hand, television audiences around the world could see the Iraqi information minister, Mohammad Said Al-Sahaf, attempting a 'Jedi mind trick' and claiming that his loyal forces had crushed an attempt by the 7th Mechanised Infantry to push into the centre of Baghdad, "slaughtering them" and sending them fleeing; assuring us that the Americans were not in his city and that history would show they were liars.

Meanwhile, the split screen on Sky News introduced a Fox News reporter in the Baghdad parade ground, opposite the famous 'crossed swords' and less than a mile from the ministry building, accompanied by his friends, the 7th Mech, who had stopped for a cigarette and to take souvenir photos and collect pieces of the giant statue of that father of battles, Saddam Hussein, that they had just run-over with an Abrams tank. - I hope they are insured -

I heard this referred to a 'A Reichstag Moment', a parallel with the fall of Berlin in 1945 and the Russian flag being razed on the Reichstag building and this is remarkably close to the truth.

General George Patton once said "" I don't like paying twice for the same piece of real estate" and his remark applies to Baghdad as much as Bastogne... With the men of the 101st airborne -- "Easy Company" in common

As for the Iraqi information minister, Al Sahaf, he should be seeing the tanks outside his office about now I guess.


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