Trust in God but Tie your Camel

No apologies for going quiet over the weekend. I'm struggling through a report I'm writing on Trustworthy Computing and have just about wrapped-it-up in thirty pages. I'm sure you'll get to read it soon, so please be patient.

I almost had a stroke when I went to buy a copy of Adobe's Acrobat 5.0 at PC World. £199.98 pence. I still can't believe that software or at least Adobe's software could be that expensive in this day and age!

Anyway, I plan to drift down to my house in Kent for next week and perhaps fly-in to Ostende or Abbeville for lunch if the weather is good. - It's only 45 minutes from the farm . Working from home has its benefits sometimes and picking-up refugees and cigarettes on the way back can be very lucrative!

It could be a whole new business but I need a bigger aircraft.


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