Read the Small Print First

I've been agonising once again about putting in a Broadband connection at home. In my case, I thought, this might save money, as after all, I have three numbers on my phone bill, my residential line, my home office line and my house on the coast. Thanks to BT, the 'Recurring Charges' on my phone bill for line rental etc, add up to more money than the usage charge and on top of this, there's an extra £56.36 a quarter tagged on for BT's 'Anytime Lite' Internet access charge.

Seeing a full page add for BT Broadband in The Sunday Times, I dialed 0800 800 060 in an attempt to work-out whether killing my business line, which I use mostly for Fax and Internet access might be a more economical step if I rolled everything into a Broadband connection. At first glance, this appeared to make sense until BT volunteered that on top of the £27.00 a month Broadband charge, there was still an £11.00 'Line Rental' charge and of course, I wouldn't be able to use dial-up anymore from my holiday home without paying the extra £56.36 a quarter all over again.

So it seems that 'The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh' away, as is ever the case where BT is concerned and where at first glance, one might save £10.00 a month, the extra charges and 'options' that BT likes to add on, simply makes, for me at least, a move away from dial-up access more expensive in the end.

Of course, I miss the considerable benefits of streamed pornography and fast music downloads but at my age, I think I can live without Broadband for a little while longer.


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