Paradise Lost

Did a 10:00 AM slot on CNBC this morning, discussing what I see as the technology opportunity that may follow peace in Iraq. If you look at the other Gulf countries and in particular, the Emirates and Kuwait, you can see how technology is acting as a catalyst for social change, introducing public sector reform, through eGovernment as a by-product.

Iraq is virtually, or should I say physically a blank sheet of paper where technology is involved but the potential is enormous. Technology and education will inevitably play their part but before that, we need peace, stability and investment rather than captured soldiers paraded for photo opportunities.

On an reflective note, this war isn't so much a Crusade as a collision between cultures and beliefs. In one world it's still the 15th century, where apostasy still carries the death sentence and in the other its 2003 where Archbishops are frequently atheists. One society's beliefs are shaped by silicon and the other by poetry. Perhaps if as a nation, we were constantly exposed to the work of the great English poet Milton and it became our collective point of reference, we would understand the Arab world and its culture a little better.

"To you by lot this course is given, charge and strict watch over this happy place that no evil thing approach or enter in"

The Angel Gabriel to Uriel - Paradise Lost


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