No - It's Really Me

I was interested to read today in ‘The Register’ about the security vulnerabilities on Blogger, where of course this Web page is hosted.

I commented recently that one of my Blogs, my bad poetry page, doesn’t appear to be my own anymore. No great to loss to the world you might think and I’m sure you’re right but its annoying that there’s no way of drawing the problem to the attention of the Blogger administrator or at least in a way that provokes a reply.

Of course, what really worries me is the possibility that someone might hijack this site and divert the domain elsewhere, which is apparently relatively easy. This page averages over two thousand hits a month and it would be more than a little embarrassing if an impostor substituted my journal for their own.

I wonder if Osama Bin Laden has a Blog?

Anyway, it’s the weekend – well almost – and I’ve been watching Jack Straw on CNN present his arguments to the United Nations. Poor stumbling, paper shuffling Jack is no orator when contrasted with a polished French Foreign Minister and it’s sad to think that we may find ourselves at war with Iraq if, after the Prime Minister, he’s the best argument we have for this country to “Cry havoc and loose the dogs of war”.

What we can be sure of though is that Tony Blair is no Henry V.


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